Bianca Bowles, NP-C

Board Certified Cardiology Nurse Practitioner in Sierra Vista, AZ

Bianca Bowles, NP-C

Bianca Bowles is a patient-focused, board-certified Nurse Practitioner. Having grown up within the military community and living in different countries with diverse cultures, Bianca has learned to respect and value different world perspectives. Bianca brings the appreciation of diversity and individualism into the foundation of her practice.

Bianca is a Grand Canyon University graduate who wants to provide safe, skilled, and compassionate care to the community. Prior to graduate school, she worked as an Acute Care and Emergency Department nurse. After obtaining her graduate degree Bianca went on to focus on Cardiology.

Bianca’s philosophy is that “Patient-focused care, early intervention, and preventative planning should be built on a care plan as unique as each individual patient”. To that end, each patient interaction is approached with competent, personalized care.

Bianca enjoys being part of the progressive, professional team of Heart and Vascular Associates.